Alight Motion MOD APK v5.0 Download Latest Version For Android – Unlocked & Free 2023

Alight Motion is a pro graphic application that is used to create a video animation with high-quality effects. Through the use of the alight motion apk you can create high-end graphic designs, professional animations, video editing, visual effects, and video compositing. There are various kinds of media that you can use with this app like vector shapes, multiple-layer graphics, audio library, video, images, and many more. 

Alight Motion Apk -

Alight motion pro is the world’s best motion design app for Android users. Most of the users use this app to polish their skills and work. Other than any app for animation and video editing alight motion pro is considered one of the professional apps for smartphone work

What Is Alight Motion Apk

A creative and high-quality video editing tool is known as alight motion. You can use it for professional and personal use to create high-quality content with different images, layers of effects, and videos. Android users nowadays use Alight Motion Apk that has a user interactive interface. Simple and users interesting interface ensures that everyone with low skills can use it for their professional and personal use. Building blocks of the library help you to explore your skills and experience to the next level. 

AppNameAlight Motion Apk
Size148 Mb

What Can You Do With Alight Motion

Alight Motion ApkVarious platforms like Tiktok and Instagram users always require a kind of content like animated and video editing. For this purpose, they are using creative applications that provide maximum benefits to them. If you want to create creative animation, visual effects, videos, and high-quality images. Then alight motion gives you all the libraries and editing tools through which you get what you want. 

Blank screen with forward, backward, pause, and play buttons allow you to play your animations. For graphics, you can use different numbers with precise measurements for better results and can also use shapes like circles, snowflakes, and many more. These shapes you can use by drag and drop methods

How To Download and Install Alight Motion APK

This application is available on both Play Store and the official website. Users can easily get it through our website and use it. Here is a simple step to download alight motion.

Download Alight Motion APK:

  • First, open this website or search “” from your browser.
  • Then just click on download link that is mentioned above. 
  • This process takes a few minutes to download.
  • Downloaded file will be saved on your device. 

Installation Process:

  • First you have to allow unknown resources access. 
  • Now, click on the downloaded file from your download folder. 
  • When you click on the downloaded file the installation process will be started. 
  • The installation process takes a few minutes and then your device will be ready to run it. 

Features Of Alight Motion

Specified features of every application play a very vital role to use any kind of app or software. With the help of such features, one can easily judge whether this app is best to use or not. Alight Motion provides all high quality features that assure to produce quality videos.

Multiple Layer Graphics

For video and audio editing alight motion allow to use of multiple layer graphics. Through smartphones, professional animations can also be created. For professional purposes use vector and bitmaps. 

Key Frame Animation

Fluid motion and timing curves with high quality and professionally created with the help of the keyframe animation feature. This high-end feature is available in settings.

Visual Effects

There are more than 100 effects that users can use for animation and videos. Using customizable building blocks can use for your animation. Through the use of color schemes, you can change the color of videos and images. 

Velocity Based Motion Blurring

Through the use of velocity-based motion blur you can use to animate, edit moments, speed, and many more functions.

Group Layers

Through the use of group layers, you can enhance the look of images by editing. Another benefit of the group layer is that it can be used after that for other video editing and animations. Using all these functions you can create creative ideas. 

Various Type Of Editing Tools

For different transitions and color adjustment of images, videos, and animation use this technology that comes with various kinds of features and functionalities. Within a couple of minutes,, everyone can edit the pictures, videos, and animation to enhance their look and creations. 

For new designs, you can use different tools that are available in this alight motion apk download app. You can use shapes, drawing resources, text, and media to make your project perfect. 

Alight Motion Apk Alight Motion Apk 2023 Alight Motion Apk 2023 Latest Version Alight Motion Apk 2023

Pros and Cons Of Alight Motion Apk


  • Customized interface that is easy to use and install.
  • Items and groups of layers you can use in different projects. 
  • Fluid animation is supportive.
  • Compatible with almost every device.


  • Little bit issue with key frames. 
  • Takes some time to explore sound files

Is There Any Alternative To Alight Motion?

Sometimes people look for alternatives to check app features and compare them with each other. There is so many other application you can see on Play Store that is easily accessible. However, simple in usage and user-interacted interface you did not get from other apps. 

Adobe After Effect, PowerDirector, Premier Pro, and a few others are alternatives to Alight Motion App.


Finally, we can say that Alight Motion APK is the world’s most popular and amazing motion editing tool that is accessible to every Android, smartphone, and iSO device. Due to the quality assurance of this app for video animation, everyone is using it for personal and professional purposes. You can enjoy advanced features and functions once you download it and install it on your device. 



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